Hatem Mohyeldin

Program Assistant

In October 2021, Mr. Hatem Mohyeldin joined DEDI as a program assistant to the civic participation unit as part of the Lazord Fellowship program. His main responsibilities include supporting the unit’s project officers and working on several projects.

Prior to holding this position, Mr. Hatem held positions as a coordinator for several projects, the most important of which are the Philosophy Summer School within the Pioneers of Civilization. He has also worked as a researcher and research assistant in several projects with different organizations, the most notable of which are Oxfam, Plan Egypt and the House of Wisdom.

Ms. Hatem received his Bachelor’s Fegree in Arabic Literature from Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, in 2019.

E-mail: hmohy@dedi.org.eg
Phone: +201116314669

Hatem Mohyeldin