April 1, 2016


In this international seminar, the first of its kind in 2016, the Egyptian part of the network invited a Danish delegation to visit Egypt in order […]
July 1, 2016

People’s Meeting 2016

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute is taking part in this annual event for the second consecutive time to introduce itself to the Danish public and discuss […]
July 27, 2016

Sanduq el Dunia

Sanduq el-Dunia is a gateway to debate, discuss and dream about the future of Cairo and its historical development, where layers of the city’s history, memory […]
July 29, 2016

Youth Essay Contest on Civic Education Award Ceremony

Civic Education is a process that imparts a set of values and principles related to citizenship and effective participation, which empowers citizens with skills that enable […]
October 1, 2016


This international seminar was an integral part of the Danish-Egyptian Political Party Youth Network, which is constituted by DEDI, DUF and DIPD. The seminar builds on […]
November 3, 2016

Cairo 8th International Jazz Festival

20 – 22 October 2016 The Greek Campus Narrative report The 8th International Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) took place at the grounds of The Greek Campus […]
January 9, 2017

Egypt Comix Week

In connection with the third edition of the “Egypt Comix Week” (December 5th to 10th, 2016) some of the works of the Danish painter and illustrator […]
February 15, 2017
الإعلام المصري إلى أين؟

The Egyptian media… To where?

DEDI Media Club (DMC) held an expanded discussion session on Saturday the 11th of February titled “The Egyptian media … To where?” where participant media experts, […]
February 28, 2017

Dialogue on Democracy and Active Participation

The Civic Education for Participation Program launched its first activity for 2017 by holding a one-week workshop on Democracy and Active Participation, in Aswan, Egypt from […]
March 6, 2017

A visit to the furniture makers in Damietta

In preparation for the project “Furniture Design: Economic Empowerment trough Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs)”, where Danish furniture designers and Egyptian producers and craftsmen shall meet […]