CinemaKino is a mobile box containing two collections of movies: One is a collection of Danish films suitable children and youth; the other is a collection of international documentaries for adults. All films are available for the Egyptian audience, and perfect for screening at schools, cultural centers, NGO’s or events hosted by similar organisations.

CinemaKino is lendable to schools, cultural centers, NGOs and similar organisations. Please send an e-mail with your request to: 

For children and youth

CinemaKino box set includes 10 Danish films for children and youth, accompanied by a booklet with introductions to each film as well as questions that might be used for discussions of the film.

4-6 years old
  • Peter Pix (6 episodes – 12 min)
  • Drops (7 min)
  • Ernst (2 episodes – 14 min)
7-10 years old
  • Finding Home (13 min)
  • Having a brother (8 min)
  • Helium (23 min)
  • My Auntie’s Tales (7 episodes – 10 min)
11-13 years old
  • Antboy (77 min)
  • Iqbal Farooq and the secret recipe (90 min)
14-16 years old
  • The Shamer’s daughter (96 min)
Read the booklet, which is written by Metropolis Cinema in Beirut, HERE

For adults

CinemaKino contains a selection of nine documentary movies suitable for adults. They are all introduced on the flyer accompanying the movies. The movies are selected by Why Foundation and International Media Support (IMS).

  • Looking for the Revolution (2007)
  • My Afghanistan (2012)
  • Innocent on Death Row (2011)
  • Miners Shot Down (2014)
  • Pink Saris (2010)
  • Red Chapel (2009)
  • “فوق الأرض وتحت السماء” (“Over jorden under himlen”, 2008)
  •   صمت في عالمٍ ضوضائي
  • مروض الأسود والسيرك المفقود
See the full flyer HERE (Arabic)

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