DEDI Green Gate

DEDI Green Gate brings together green entrepreneurs from Egypt and Denmark working under a common theme to promote innovative sustainable solutions through mutual exchange, peer-to-peer learning, inspiration and capacity development.

DEDI Green Gate’s group is excited to meet once more in October in Cairo to explore the sustainable fashion field in Cairo and get a chance to further exchange, collaborate and get inspired. (Photo: Rowan El Shimi // DEDI)


DEDI Green Gate First International workshop in Denmark

Meet the participants

Get to know the 23 participants taking part in DEDI Green Gate in 2022.

Green Gate 2021

Why sustainable fashion?

Get to know why DEDI decided to tackle sustainable fashion through DEDI Green Gate.

International Workshop in Denmark

This year’s focus for DEDI Green Gate has been sustainable fashion. The 23 participants from Egypt and Denmark met for two international workshops where they explored sustainable solutions, had space to exchange experiences with one another and received knowledge through peer-to-peer exchange as well as meetings and trainings with experts in the field. Explore their experiences in Denmark through the articles and videos below.

DEDI Green GATE 2022

Wearing green

Read about the participants’ experiences from the workshop

“One of the big challenges when you want to do something sustainable is lack of knowledge,” Ioana Opris reflects. “You can only address that through reading and networking with people who have that knowledge. I think that’s what Green Gate does – it really opens us up for new knowledge that we are lacking.”

Youssef Anwar and Anna Poulsen exploring ways of moving forward with their projects of designing sustainable footwear.

Sustainable walks

Read about Youssef an Anna’s collaboration on sustainable footwear

Youssef Anwar, an Egyptian footwear designer and Anna Pouslen, a student of sustainable design engineering at Aalborg University and entrepreneur teamed up to exchange knowledge on sustainable footwear.

Social fabrics

Read about the exchange between entrepreneurs Munk&Loua and Sahqoute on ethical fashion

People, planet and profit are at stake as 97 pct. of all fast fashion garments are made in developing countries. One answer is slow fashion and social responsibility, Norhan El Sakkout, Lone Munk, and Jeannette Loua would agree.

International Workshop in Egypt

After a successful workshop in Denmark, the participants came together once again in Cairo in October 2022. The focus of the workshop was inspiration, innovation and micro-financing and they visited and met with various actors on the sustainable fashion scene in Cairo.

Salma Ellakany, Project Manager at VeryNile shows the participants their process at the workshop creating products from plastic. (Photo: Rowan El Shimi // DEDI)]

Boosting circular collaborations

Read about the participants’ experiences from the workshop

“It’s great to be able to support each other to gain confidence in ourselves and our projects – and finding out that these projects can really make a difference. A small idea can have an impact on a lot of people’s lives and the environment,” Linda Nyvang says during the workshop in Cairo.