October 15, 2019

IMS (International Media Support)

November 1, 2019

Egypt Media Forum 2019

Egypt Media Forum is platform for Egyptian and Foreign journalists to engage in professional discussions and share knowledge. Egypt Media Forum 2019 was organized by the […]
November 12, 2019

Mini Cairo

How do you make an animation movie? How do you run a daily newspaper? What happens inside a film studio? What is the purpose of advertisement? […]
November 12, 2019

The Color Scale of Nature

December 2, 2019
DEDI Workshop on portrait photography

Catching a feeling

December 9, 2019

The history of Cairo in a box

The interactive project, “Sanduq El Donia”, is now being exhibited at the Child Museum in Heliopolis. Sanduq El Donia could be translated as “the world in a box”
December 19, 2019

Pharaonic design revisited

Pharaonic design is visibly reflected in a collaborative furniture design project between Danish design students and Egyptian designers and producers.
January 12, 2020

Alexandria without seaside

Momen Said, Maryam Afifi and Mohamad Ahmed are the three winners of this year’s DEDI Photo Marathon set in Alexandria
January 17, 2020

Adding the text

February 6, 2020

Through the lens