We the Guinea Pigs (50 mins) 

From the WHY PLASTIC series produced by WHY Foundation (2021) 

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KEY THEMES: Infertility, cancer, ADHD, endocrine disrupting chemicals, science  



“We the Guinea Pigs” investigates why we are still constantly – and increasingly – exposed to dangerous chemicals through our plastic use, even though researchers have warned us about the potential adverse health effects for decades. Some of the most cutting edge scientific findings on how plastic harms our health come from Danish researchers. 

A recent study conducted in Denmark has revealed how certain chemicals affect the female reproductive system. It shows that female rats exposed to these certain chemicals during early development end up with fewer eggs in their ovaries and are at risk of losing their ability to have children. For some time, researchers have known that plastic has a negative impact on men’s fertility. Are we involuntary participants in an enormous experiment, threatening the health of millions of people – maybe even mankind as such?  



-Is there reason to worry about the future of mankind? 

– What do you think could be done to limit our exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals? 

– Who is responsible for the situation we have ended up in: politicians, industry actors or individuals? 

– Has this film changed your mind about anything?

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