• The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, (DEDI), and the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy, (DIPD), hosted a delegation of Egyptian political parties’ leaders who represent different sides of the political arena in Egypt in the shadow of the current situation of the country during a trip to Denmark. 


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  • What is the DEDI Dialogue Forum?

    The Dialogue Forum is an annual initiative that aims to empower emerging political actors and social change agents from Denmark, Egypt, and other Arab countries though providing them with the opportunity to carry out conversations and dialogues according to relevant themes which change every year ac....more

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  • Ears Wide Open, The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute project concerning music education, had workshops with instant composition, stomp and vocal improvisation, and concerts in Copenhagen in September 2014 and workshops in Cairo in October 2014.

    In Denmark we had workshops with instant composition at Vedbæk School and Freder....more

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About DEDI

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) is an intergovernmental body with a strong dialogue mandate under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP). Established in 2004, DEDI’s core mandate as a centre of excellence is to promote political and cultural understanding between Denmark and Egypt and Europe and the Arab World. Dialogue expertise cuts across all activities, detailed in the Agreement establishing DEDI as conferences, seminars, publications, projects and programmes.
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