• It is fascinating when you listen to a new type of music and it simply touches your soul and brings you to new horizons you never experienced. Blood on a Feather, a Copenhagen based dual, amazed their audience when they performed in Alexandria as part of the forth Oufuqy Music Forum in June 2015.


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  • Rasmus Steffensen is the director of the Fanø Free Folk Festival in Denmark, a singer, and a guitarist with a special Perspective of music. DEDI has supported the Danish artist to participate in the forth edition of Oufuqy Music Forum in Alexandria. We had the chance to carry out this interview with him d....more

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  • A Delegation from the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, DEDI, will be participating in the Peoples’ Meeting that will be held in Bornholm in Denmark in the period from the 11th till the 14th of June 2015.

    The purpose of the participation of DEDI is to presen....more

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  • We had the opportunity during the forth Oufuqy Music Forum, held in Alexandria in the period from the 1st till the 11th of June 2015, to interview Kamilla Kovacs & Mia Dyberg; a vocalist and a saxophonist who formed a dual that plays a distinctive type of Music. DEDI has supported the Danish dual to participa....more

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  • The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute will be funding two Danish musical bands; Kamilla Kovacs and Mia Dyberg, and Blood on a Feather, and the cultural manager; Rasmus Steffensen to participate in the fourth Oufuqy Music Forum in Alexandria in June 2015. 

    The ....more

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