DEDI’s history

The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) was established in Cairo in 2004 as an inter-governmental body. The overall aim is to foster knowledge and mutual understanding of society and culture among Egyptians and Danish people. Our approach is dialogue and partnerships. By doing so, DEDI contributes to the strengthening of the Danish-Egyptian relations and increased cooperation between the two countries.

Activities are carried out in the field of culture, media and civic participation and we have a special focus on youth and women. Throughout the years, DEDI has been engaging a continuously expanding number of partners from both the public and private sector as well as civil society.

The chairmanship of DEDI rotates every second year between two representatives of the Egyptian and the Danish Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The unique organization of DEDI as an inter-governmental body is set up within the framework of the Agreement of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Denmark, signed in 1972.

Since its inauguration, DEDI has been an important actor enhancing dialogue, understanding and relations between Denmark and Egypt. Being located in Cairo and attracting highly qualified staff, DEDI has become a center point for Danes and Egyptians wanting to create new projects and initiate ways of collaboration.

DEDI’s continuous emphasis on its core mandate and values of partnerships and dialogue, has secured its position, trustworthiness and standing among governmental and private partner organizations in Egypt and the Arab World.

Originally, DEDI was established as the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute in 2004, its core task being to promote social and cultural understanding between Denmark and Egypt and Europe and the Arab World, with dialogue as the main tool. The present statutes, mandate and name was agreed upon by the Danish and the Egyptian Governments in 2019.

DEDI is funded by the Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP) of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its present work is part of DAPP’s program for the period 2017-2021.

DEDI is bound to follow DANIDA Guidelines with due respect of the Egyptian laws.

DEDI’s Organization


H.E. Ambassador Svend Olling, representative of the Danish Foreign Ministry and Danish Ambassador to Egypt.


H.E. Ambassador Raouf Saad, representative of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry where he holds the position as chairman of the National Bureau of Egypt-EU Association Agreement.


H.E. Ambassador Hatem Seifelnasr, former assistant Foreign Minister, The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, director, The Danish Foreign Policy Society.

Ms. Henriette Søltoft, CEO, Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Dr. Gamal Abdel Gawad Soltan, researcher at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS).

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman decide on the Initiative’s annual work plan and activities. The advisors monitor the Initiative’s activities, approve its annual work plan, its strategy and budget and submit to the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman for final adoption.

The chairmanship rotates every second year between the two representatives of the Egyptian and the Danish Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The Advisors are appointed by the Danish and the Egyptian Foreign Ministries. They have a reputable background and intellectual standing, and are known for their interest in promoting dialogue and cooperation between Denmark and Egypt.

DEDI’s Strategy 2017-2021

DEDI is funded by Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP) of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its present work is part of DAPP’s program for the period 2017-2021.

The Annual Work Plans of DEDI are developed according to The Strategic Framework 2017-2022 approved by the Egyptian and Danish Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Strategic Framework 2017-2022

Strategy 2014-2016


Pernille Bramming

+2 01022688636

Arts & Culture Program

Sarah Bahgat
Project Manager

+2 0192853201

Marwa Seoudi
Project Officer

+2 01223104118

Civic Participation Program

Youssra Fouda
Project Officer

+2 01003227222

Rana Khamis
Program Manager

+2 012200009556

Menan Farag
Senior Project Officer

+2 01066685254

Communication & Media Program

Martha Tode
Project and Communications Assistant

+2 01014270879


Amira Bahgat
Human Resources and Information Manager

+2 01090152228

Fady Attia
Finance Manager

+2 01065533041

Doaa Fayyad
Administrative Officer

+2 0122266661

Ambassadors for Dialogue

Mariam Magued
AFD Senior External Project Coordinator


Rana Gaber
AFD Project Manager


Mohamed Shaltoot
AFD Project Coordinator

+20 109 480 1100

Mohamed Sami
AFD Edutainment Academy Coordinator

+20 102 266 1287

Amany Fayed
AFD Communication Officer

+20 122 835 1181

Office boy

Mostafa Gad

There are currently no vacancies available at DEDI.