Meet the designs


‘SEMA TAWY’ by Mohammed El Hadid


‘KHUFU’ by Amalie Leth Hornemann & Jon Lynge Stubsgaard


‘ONE TWO’ by Lina Anna Katrine Nyvang Pedersen & Mathias Madsen


‘TEMPLE’ by Camilla Bols & Lorentz Jeffrey Houser


‘LOTUS’ by Mathilde Juul Ipsen & Maria Larsdottir Abrahamsen


‘MONO’ by fanny Josephine Jonasdottir Bourghardt & Alvar Sakari Silvennoinen


‘HATSHEPSUT’ by Halfdan Begge, Clara Skovlund Friis Jakobsen & Louise Agth Lindstrøm


‘KITTAN’ by Sara Saur & Christian Hansen


‘LETTER R STOOL’ by Zhraa Elshafeei


‘DJED’ by Hani Sarwatt


‘TABAKAT’ by Karl Christian Traneberg Knudsen & Emma Khan Forbæk Doolan


‘ENTATSIS’ by Frederik Sølvberg Mikkelsen & Marie Holst Lorenzen


‘CAS’ Ahmed Hussein


Visit the Exhibition

DEDI invites you on a visual walk through the ‘Bilingual Design’ exhibition. If you missed the exhibition or feel like revisiting it here is your chance.


A call for innovative design

‘Stay focused on innovative inspiration from ancient Egyptian furniture design.’ This was the challenge given to the Egyptian designers and Danish design students who are presenting their work here at the exhibition BILINGUAL DESIGN.

By highlighting the keywords “form follows function” and “less is more”, we embraced the spirit of iconic Danish designers who were deeply influenced by ancient Egyptian design, creating pieces such as The Egyptian Chair (Finn Juhl, 1949).

BILINGUAL DESIGN is curated by professor Nicolai de Gier and professor Andreas Lund from The Royal Danish Academy and Amr Orensa, Design Manager at Pinocchio Furniture Factory and head of DESiNDUSTRY.

The prototypes have been manufactured at Pinocchio at Damietta during a five-day workshop from November 28 to December 1 and then taken to the exhibition.

The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation is the oldest architecture and art school in the world with a history tracing back to 1754. Today, about 2,000 students are enrolled in Bachelor, Master’s, PhD and continuing education programmes (

Pinocchio Furniture Factory in Damietta is a leading designer and producer of ready-to-assemble furniture whith a production capacity of 60 units of finished furniture daily (

DESiGNDUSTRY is a furniture design and manufacturing platform; bringing together designers and producers of furniture through summits, field visits, seminars, workshops with furniture stakeholders in Egypt, international collaborations, and much more. It is aiming to bring the designs of emerging, independent designers to global distribution.